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CAMBIVO Compression Socks for Women and Men(2/3 Pairs, 20-30 mmHg)

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Manufacturer Description

Tired from fatigue caused by standing-up all day long?
Your wait is over as Cambivo Compression Socks is the solution! These long-lasting compression socks are designed and fabricated to take the edge off and keep you going for those long hours; Also, these socks are perfect for activities such as Running, Jogging, Walking, Football, Soccer, CrossFit and spot-on for professionals such as Teachers, Nurses, Flight Attendants, Cashier and other positions requiring long hours of standing-up during shifts

Graduated Compression
Enhances blood-circulation through strong and balanced compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing compression moving upward; Such progressive compression reduces the chances of lactic-acid accumulation

Perform Better
Better blood-flow means better performance and faster recovery; Alleviates muscle fatigue resulting from physical activities or standing-up for long hours; Boosts strength and endurance during performance

Recover Faster
Ideal choice if you are suffering from Swollen leg, Foot Pain, Shin Splints, Varicose Veins, or Plantar Fasciitis. Constant and consistent compression prevents blood clot after surgery

Superior Quality
Made from durable material using 3D knitting technique and stitched carefully to offer enhanced support and comfort; Despite sturdy compression, these socks are easy to put on and put off! Can be washed several times without losing compression and they even dry off quickly; Anti-odor and anti-bacterial material make sure your feet stay hygienic during use

Fashionable Design
Elegant color and attractive design provide amazing level of comfort; Makes your feet look slimmer yet feel wholesome and sturdy; Boosts your confidence! You'll feel the difference and improvement instantly when you put these on!

Product Features

HIGH-QUALITY FASHIONABLE COMPRESSION SOCKS-These quality compression socks are made with a perfect balance of compression and comfort using the latest 3D knitting technology; An extraordinary one-piece design make the socks can easily slip onto your feet, smoothly fit your calves/legs; Double stitching providing long-lasting usage let the compression stockings can be washed several times without losing compression level; Moisture wicking properties rapidly air dry in a few hours. BETTER BLOOD CIRCULATION, NO SWELLING ANY MORE- Our graduated compression technology (20-30mmHg) provides the ideal compression so that can maximum boost to your blood circulation and provide more oxygen and blood flow through your toes, feet, heels, calves, and legs up to your knee; Great for relief of varicose veins, DVT, calf Compression or other leg swelling issues, prevent blood clots after surgery, and more! A COMPLETE GAME-CHANGER- When It Comes To Those Physically demanding jobs which require long hours of standing-up like Teachers, Nurses, Massage Therapist, Engineers, Performers, Flight Attendants, Traveler, and Pregnant Women can all benefit from using our compression socks; Perfect amount of compression combined with the target compression area helps reduce lactic acid build up from a long time standing and aids muscle recovery in your calf, ankle, feet, and legs. PUSH YOURSELF TO EXTRA MILE- Amazing Level of Comfort and Breathable Fabric to help regulate temperature; Anti-odor and anti-bacterial fabric to enhance hygiene; Perfect for any season, be it summer or winter! Ideal for Running , Marathons, Bicycling, Fitness workouts and anyone who looking to improve their performance; Certainly the swelling goes away and says goodbye to leg cramping; Your feet and legs will thank you! 100% RISK-FREE and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our compression socks! It's a great gift which is beneficial for your family, friends, or loved ones' health! If you have a sizing issue or not happy with our product, please contact our customer support, we will definitely refund you or send you a replacement at no additional cost! ORDER NOW and Get a FREE E-BOOK with your purchase.